Information On Aromatherapy And Essential Oils

Information On Aromatherapy

This information on aromatherapy will help you gain a better understanding of this fabulous art.  If you have ever wondered exactly what aromatherapy is; then please consider this brief explanation.

Aromatherapy is using essential oils that have been extracted from plants.  These oils are generally highly fragrant, very concentrated with most being extremely beneficial for your health.

The extraction of the essences is usually done through distillation.  This is the most popular method used to extract the oils, yet it is also the most costly.   Oils distracted using this method, are typically very expensive and of superior quality.

Information On Aromatherapy

The word “Aroma” is to imply the inhalation of the fragrance from these oils.  Therapy to illustrate the fact that the fragrance of essential oils can be very beneficial to your physical health.  It can also be beneficial to your emotional and mental health.  The therapeutic benefits of using aromatherapy to benefit your health, are well documented and supported by many.  This includes many Physicians and Scientists as well.

One example of using aromatherapy to improve your health, is by using a vapor rub to help clear your sinuses.  There are many over the counter medications that can be rubbed on your skin to do this.  Most have eucalyptus in them.  By rubbing this on your skin, it allows the fragrance to waft upwards to help clear the sinuses.  The rubs generally have other ingredients also.  They are alsobeneficial for your health, but the fragrant eucalyptus is one popular essential oil that is most popular for clearing the sinuses.

If you were to use undiluted eucalyptus essential oil then you can probably imagine how potent the fragrance would be!

What Is Aromatherapy

The phrase “Aromatherapy” is something that is fairly new, only be used frequently in the 20th century.  Although the term is new, the practice has been around for thousands and thousands of years.

The Chinese have long used aromatherapy while burning incense, and the ancient Egyptians used essential oils to create perfumes as well as to embalm the deceased.

When the bubonic plague hit in the 14th century, fragrant aromas were used to ward off the disease.  Some say that the popular nursery rhyme “Ring Around The Roses” is in fact singing about the use of fragrances to keep illness away.  “A Pocket Full Of Posies” is supposed to mean that one keeps these flowers in their pockets, to help prevent illnesses.

With diligent research, you can discover many ways essential oils have been used throughout the years to not only better ones health, but also to help beautify the skin.  There is much more information on aromatherapy, that I can’t cover in a single article alone.  What I can do is provide you with a bit more feedback, and a wonderful opportunity (see below) to help you learn more!

What You Should Know About Essential Oils

I have long held the belief that for every disease has a cure and that it is our job as humans to discover those cures.  I also believe that nature provides cures in the form of plants, minerals and other natural ingredients.   God gave this wonderful planet for us to enjoy, and I truly believe that we should enjoy it as much as is humanly possible!

Essential oils are one of the greatest gifts we have been given, yet many do not fully understand much about them.  Did you know that there are many types of products that are fragrant?  Perfumes, fragrance oils, enfleurages etc., these products are sometimes somewhat misleading to consumers.

There are many products on the market that has the words “Essential Oil” on the label, yet this does not mean that the products is 100% pure essential oil.  Some companies will place a few drops of essential oil in an ounce of carrier oil (like sweet almond oil).  The essential oil generally provides a strong fragrance.  Yet the fact remains, one would be purchasing more sweet almond oil than the actual essence of the plant.

These products are then labeled as “Pure Essential Oil”, which is true, yet somewhat misleading.  The carrier oil is pure, the essential oil is pure.  Yet when one purchases the products, they “think” they are getting nothing but essential oil.  This is typically not the case, especially if the product is fairly cheap.

Some products are labeled as fragrance oils, these too are not 100% essential oil.  Instead they generally consist of a combination of ingredients.  Typically a carrier oil, sometimes alcohol or other chemicals, and of course just enough essential oil to give it fragrance.

The True Cost Of Essential Oils

True, theraputic grade essential oils can be expect to cost more than just a few dollars.  For example, let’s look at rose essential oil.  It takes 5,000 pounds of petals to make 1 pound of rose essential oil.  Considering that very little oil is obtained from so many petals, one would expect this oil to be more costly than others.

Yet a quick search on Amazon shows many sellers proclaiming to sell rose essential oil for just a few dollars.  When a fragrant product is intended for household use, such as for using in a diffuser, there are no labeling laws that a company must adher to.

Therefore, many of the bottles claiming to be “rose essential oil” are nothing more than a carrier oil with a few drops of essence to make them smell good.  True, authentic, pure, unadulterated rose essential oils would typically cost several hundred dollars for a meer 5ml (.16 oz).  Some roses demand a much higher price, where very rare roses demand a price of thousands.

The reason I explain this additional information on aromatherapy, is to help you understand several key things.  These things are; the importance of price, quality and quantity when you make any purchasing decisions when buying your essential oils.

True, therapeutic grade, unadulterated, with no additives at all, essential oils, can be very costly.  Yet, the fragrance is so much stronger than that of fragrant oils and synthetic fragrances, that a few drops goes a very long way.

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