Making Mini Bath Bombs For Weddings & Party Favors

Mini Bath Bombs

Mini bath bombs make a great gift or party favor for any wedding, spa day or pampering session.  Making them is not that hard to do, you simply follow the same basic principles as you do when making larger bath bombs.

There are many ways you can present mini bath bombs, especially if you wish to use them as party favors.  You can wrap individual bombs in cellophane wrap so that they resemble candy, or you can package attractively in small jars.  One thing I love to do, is place a couple in a jar of bath soak or salts, so that the recipient can enjoy 2 luxurious treats instead of one.

If you wish to make these for profit, then you can also package then in attractive craft bags.  One of my best selling items has been 3 mini bombs, packaged in a wash clothe along with a sample size of homemade soap of the same fragrance.

Making Mini Bath Bombs Instructions

You will need to acquire a mold that is small enough to make the size you desire.   There are several mini silicone molds that you can use, as well as smaller round metal molds that will be sufficient.

If you are in a jam, then a melon ball scoop makes mini bath bombs of the perfect size, as will mini cupcake pans.

I have in the past, acquired great success using ice cube trays to make for fun and festive bath bombs of various shapes and sizes.

When making these, you will of course have to work a bit faster because you’ll be making a lot more bombs than when you make the larger ones.  I recommend that you halve whatever recipe you are using, so that it does to dry out as you make these.  Once you get better at making mini bath bombs, you will not find a need to halve the recipe as your will be learning to make them faster and better over time.

Since these bath bombs are tiny, then you will not want to add bulky ingredients like botanicals, oats or course salts.  Bulky ingredients such as these will not allow the citric acid and baking soda to bind well, on such a small scale.

You can of course add fine sugars and salts, as well as other powered ingredients like milk or honey.

Since these bath bombs are so tiny, you may of course want to increase the fragrance a bit so that it can be more fully enjoyed by the recipient.




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